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ASI 66 Trekell Art Supplies - manufacturers of paint brushes & wooden canvases

May 28, 2023 Jeff Morrow
ASI 66 Trekell Art Supplies - manufacturers of paint brushes & wooden canvases
Art Supply Insiders Podcast
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Art Supply Insiders Podcast
ASI 66 Trekell Art Supplies - manufacturers of paint brushes & wooden canvases
May 28, 2023
Jeff Morrow

Trekell wants to help you find your flow and tap your potential. In a way, you could say we want to be the glasses for your artistic vision. Everything we do helps support that mission. For over 30 years, Trekell makes some of the finest art supplies for artists of all levels. They learned early to listen to artists because who knows better what they need than the most creative people on the planet? If it needs fixing, they'll fix it. If it needs breaking, they'll break it.
Trekell makes products for you today. And you can count on them to be there for you tomorrow.
Click here to go to Trekell website.

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Show Notes Transcript

Trekell wants to help you find your flow and tap your potential. In a way, you could say we want to be the glasses for your artistic vision. Everything we do helps support that mission. For over 30 years, Trekell makes some of the finest art supplies for artists of all levels. They learned early to listen to artists because who knows better what they need than the most creative people on the planet? If it needs fixing, they'll fix it. If it needs breaking, they'll break it.
Trekell makes products for you today. And you can count on them to be there for you tomorrow.
Click here to go to Trekell website.

Art Supply Insiders
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Jeff: 0:08

Welcome back to our Supply Insiders.My name is Jeff Morrow and today we're talking with a really cool company.We're talking with a company called Trekell and Courtney Bridges is on with us and Courtney is the the president of Trekell.Courtney,welcome to the show.Hi.Thanks for having me.Oh gosh,believe me.It's,it's really our pleasure cuz I,I,my business partner and I,Dave,have known of Trekell for quite some time and you are very cutting edge it seems like.And uh,we're just so excited to talk with you.So tell us a little bit about how the company got started.

Courtney: 0:47

Yeah,definitely.So the,um,original owner,Brian.He started Tril,I mean,it's been40years now almost.But the way it got started,he said that after he got outta high school,he wanted to just kind of go on an adventure and ended up in Alaska doing salmon fishing and,you know,yeah,he just said,you meet people from all over the world when you're up there.So he met a lot of people from uh,Asia,and he ended up going back to Japan.And just kind of doing odds and ends jobs there.And,um,met somebody that was like,Hey,can you come help me out in the,my brush village is according to him,back in those days,they had little,like villages set up throughout Japan where people would just take the product home,make the brush heads,bring it back to the factory.So he started helping out doing that,and it just kind of went from there.He got interested in the,the art of brush making and hopped around to a few other countries in the area.And then he went to Germany and was,um,certified as a master brush maker before he came back to the us And then he started making brushes here,but it was for the nail supply industry.Oh,he was making a,yeah,he was making acrylic fingernail brushes,which was made from,uh,the kalinsky hair that,you know,we use for watercolor brushes,but that he said the acrylic nail industry was just taking off around that time.So he came back here,started making brushes out of his apartment in Brea,California,and that's Wow.Actually what started the company and I think early nineties,he was like,Hey,Sustained materials to do artist brushes.Let's start a,an art line and see where that kind of goes.And,uh,it didn't,you know,it didn't really take off because the focus was still the beauty industry and nails.And then I started here about almost20years after he started the company and he,you know,told me to see what I could do with it.Um,I have no degree in anything.I just,outta high school just came into this company and it was kind of like,see what you could do.So,This was,uh,back in the,the days of,um,social media just taking off.So MySpace and I didn't know a thing about art artist,anything,so I just kind of got in there and started looking for artists,found some people to work with,and,hey,we'll send you some brushes,let us know what you think of it.And it just snowballed from there.And that's where we are today.

Jeff: 3:13

Wow,that's quite a journey.Now it sounds like I started this off by saying the company name wrong you.I said Trekell and you said Trekell.

Courtney: 3:23

Yeah,so I think it's probably supposed to be pronounced.But it sounds really mumbled on the phone.So I think Brian changed the pronunciation back in the early days to Trekell.But it does need,it needs a e on the end of it,if we're gonna pronounce it that way.So we know if people say Trekell Trekell,it's the same thing.

Jeff: 3:43

I think when,when we first met,we were at the Natu Show and I think I said Trekell about14times in a row.Yes.Before I really got

Courtney: 3:52

it.You are not the only one,so don't even worry about Trekell is fine with us.

Jeff: 3:57

Well just kind of give us a quick overview of the types of products that you manufacture.

Courtney: 4:05

Definitely.So we,we were manufacturing the artist brushes in-house.Uh,probably up until maybe10years ago,uh,we did have head makers here who made the brushes in the factory.Uh,they all started retiring slowly and mm.That is a very hard job to replace people with,especially,you know,the younger generation were born into technology,computers and it's hard to find people that wanna sit in one spot all day and just make brushes.So,um,the company that we buy all of our supplies from to make brushes.They're the ones who are now making it for us.So the only thing that has changed is the head makers.It's all still the same supplies.Uh,but we do manufacture our own wooden canvases in-house.Oh.So we have brushes,brushes,canvases,and we make brush care product in-house as well.And we're kind of starting to expand and some pallet knives,some wipe out tools,paint shapers.Uh,we've got some cool brush wraps that are coming out.So it's mostly just brush and uh,wooden canvas related items.

Jeff: 5:06

Well before we,we,we started talking here,I was looking at your,your website and it's gotta be one of the coolest websites that I've ever seen.Um,very,very artistic.And tell our audience if they wanted to see all of these wonderful products.Uh,what is your website?It's

Courtney: 5:26 TREKELL.COM

Jeff: 5:31

and you're also on,uh,all the other social media platforms and stuff like

Courtney: 5:36

that?Yes.Facebook,YouTube,uh,TikTok,Instagram.We are on Twitter,but we don't utilize it at all.So don't follow us on Twitter.

Jeff: 5:46

Well,you don't have to worry about Dave.I,cuz both of us are social media stupid.So

Courtney: 5:53

it's,it's a lot to keep up with,trust me.

Jeff: 5:56

Oh goodness.So tell,uh,you said canvas?Uh,not can,well canvas panels or wooden panels?Well,I,I,yeah.Wooden

Courtney: 6:03

misunderstood there.Wooden,yeah.Wooden panels,but,uh,we call'em wooden canvases.This is my,uh,inner Google search engine optimization coming out,so canvases so people can find us.But um,yeah,we actually,one of the first artists that we worked with,uh,back in the mid two thousands,break Simpsons,he told us that his dad made his.Panels for him in his garage and he was like,I think it'd be cool if you guys kind of expanded into that.If you come down,my dad will show you how he makes my panels.So me and another,uh,employee here,we went down to Greg's father's house and he took us in his garage and showed us how quickly,how he makes cradle panels.And we brought it back to the factory and started doing it here.And it went from just doing,you know,those regular squares and rectangles to now we're doing.All kinds of shapes that you can think of.

Jeff: 6:53

Yeah.You know,when I was looking at your website,I saw some really interesting shapes.Uh,what I can't explain what some of the shapes are that you

Courtney: 7:03

have.So what started out the first,uh,odd shape we did,I believe,was the coffin panel.And that was during Halloween time.We had an employee here that was like,Hey,I think our,you know,our,uh,customers would like a shape like this.What do you think?And.We're like,let's try it.So yeah,we made some coffin panels and it took off.And then a local tattoo supplies,uh,or tattoo,uh,parlor up here,all of them painted and they became friends with us and they started coming in,Hey,can you make us this triangle shape panel?Or Can you do this or can you do that for us?And it just took off from there.And then,um,we had.A cabinet maker that worked here for a while with us,and he showed us how to use a handheld router,and he was making,um,these teardrop shape panels out of it by hand.And so none of'em were,you know,uniform.Everyone was in different shape.And we started noticing that those were taking off too,that people just loved something different,not the standard shapes that were out there.So then we started looking into a c and c router and got one of those in here.And now it's like any shape you can think of,we can cut out for you.So right now,I know on the website,I know we have a limited amount,like we have the unicorn panel because it was National Unicorn Day back in April.Uh,we have the speech bubble that and artist,uh,one of our VIP artists,she actually came up with the idea for that.So we made the panel and then she gets a commission from the sales from that panel.Um,I'll try.We have the zodiac signs on there right now.A lot of people are into,you know,the zodiac stuff.So every,uh,every calendar month for that,the,uh,the corresponding panel shape will come out for,for that as well.I know we have the anatomical heart on there,which is a huge seller for us.Uh,so it's just,wow.All,all different things you can

Jeff: 8:48

think of.Did,did I see,uh,A mushroom.

Courtney: 8:52

So you did.So I'm glad you actually,uh,asked about that because starting on June10th,it actually is the only day it's called Game of Shrooms,and there is an artist who started this and it's a worldwide art hide and seek,so you can make anything.Out of whatever you want.As long as it's art related,mushroom related,you make something,you go hide it,you let your followers know where it's at and they can go score a free piece of mushroom art on that day.So,I mean,think about,there's some big name artists that get in on this too,like picture just getting free artwork from your favorite artist on this day.You just have to watch where they're hiding the artwork and go get it.So I actually found out about this when we were at NAMTA this year.One of the,um,art supply retailers came up and were talking about it,and I knew the artist was that started it and I reached out to him and was like,how do we get involved with this?This is such a cool,like just worldwide community event and.So he came up with the idea of let's do some panels and the proceeds will go to,um,this organization that's up in Northern California that helps,uh,artists with disabilities.So,oh,uh,yeah,so some of the sales will go to that organization.Um,it's a lot of,a lot of fun.We're super excited to be involved this year,so we just send out the email today.People can get mushroom panels if they want to,but,They can get,I mean,they can do anything.We have people doing crocheting or glass or just painting on a panel,something mushroom related.So it's,it's a really cool,a really cool event that I hope more people get involved

Jeff: 10:22

with.Wow.Well,I,I highly suggest that you go to the tril website and,uh,take a look at this.When they go to the website,what are they looking for?

Courtney: 10:34

They're looking for the Game of Shrooms panel,and then we also have a blog that explains the whole event as well.

Jeff: 10:42

My goodness.So you made some,uh,mention of artists and I,I think the thing that first attracted me to Raquel was your team of.Pro artists.Um,tell us a little bit about that.

Courtney: 10:58

So,once again,Greg,you're gonna hear about him a lot because he had a huge impact on our company.Uh,so he was one of the first artists he worked with.His dad talked about panels with us,and then Greg was like,Hey,I think you guys should put,you know,uh,A group of pro artists together,and he is like,they do it with skateboarding.Um,I think it'd be cool if we did the same thing with art supplies.And I was like,yeah,let's try it out.So it started out with him and three other artists,and we got him on the team.And then it was like design,um,a product that is,you know,limited edition and it has your name on it.So they would come out with brush sets,paint sets,sketchbooks,things like that.And people would go crazy for it because it just,it had their favorite artist's name on it.And then,The whole time they're helping us in the background.Like,Hey guys,I have a question about this.You know,they give us feedback on product.They give us ideas.I mean,they're,they're like employees.We don't have to pay.They,they always are just willing to give us information on everything that we're doing.It's amazing.

Jeff: 11:56

It's the best kind of employee to have.

Courtney: 12:00

Yeah.I mean,they get our supplies out of it.They do get a commission from their,uh,their set that they do.So there always is something we do wanna pay artists.We don't just want to use them,but,um,I mean,they don't,they don't like asking for much of anything.You almost have to force things into their hand.They're,it's set a great community to be a part of.

Jeff: 12:19

So you can go to your website and see each and every one of these pro team artist,right?

Courtney: 12:28

Yeah,we have a section on our website under,I believe,the,uh,More tab or the experience tab,and it says Trekell Pro Team on it.And all their profiles are on there and just kind of shows,uh,how they got started,their artwork and,uh,gives a little testimonial about Trekell products.

Jeff: 12:47

Gosh,there's,there's so much to ask.So,te,tell me a little bit about your line of brushes.What,what makes your brushes unique?In,in,in good,uh,tell us about that.

Courtney: 13:01

So,When Brian started the art line,he wanted to make sure that he was only offering the highest quality artist brushes out there.You can go to any,you know,Michael's hobby lobby and get the run of the mill brush.Uh,there is a need out there for,uh,higher quality brush.So that's what we're offering currently.Uh,it is a,you know,a pretty small market of people that wanna spend that kind of money on brushes.So we will be expanding into a intermediate grade.Because we don't wanna exclude anybody,you know?Oh,you have to be a professional to use our products.Like,no,you could be a beginner,you could be intermediate.It does help with your craft if you're using a better quality brush.But we understand that,you know,maybe starting out you don't feel comfortable,you know,uh,dropping that kind of money on supplies.So we do wanna start offering a lesser quality panel and brush.Uh,that still gonna work good,but it's not gonna cost you as much.So,uh,there are other,you know,There's a lot of brands out there that we admire that sell really nice brushes as well.So we just try to set ourselves apart by being very involved with the artist community,being a little more cutting edge,trying to stay up to date with what's going on,and,um,just being accessible to everybody.

Jeff: 14:09

Now I,I'm assuming that each of these artists,uh,offer,not maybe all of them,but some of them offer brush sets.Is,is,is,do you guys do that?

Courtney: 14:20

Yes.Uh,we have artists brush sets on our website.Uh,some of'em are just trache brushes that they put together.Uh,the protein sets are when the artists get to pick the color handle that they want,make it into their own,you know,design.So we only have one protein set right now on the website,but we have three more in the works.But,um,like Julie Beck is one of our,uh,artists and she,she just put the11brushes that she uses out of our standard line into one set that you can just go and grab.It's,you know,it's our standard,uh,black and silver handle brushes.Nothing like super special,but it's just,this is what she uses.So if you follow her and wanna paint like her,you know,you can get those brushes.

Jeff: 15:03

Yeah,I know that there,uh,our audience loves following artists and their techniques and they love using the same sorts of brushes that they do.Mm-hmm.So they can try to get similar results.Yes.Right.

Courtney: 15:18

Yes,definitely.And I mean,the tools really do help,but also a lot of practice.So you gotta,you gotta have both of

Jeff: 15:25

those.It,it really is.So it,when you talk,talk about oil,I'm sorry,you,so you've got oil brushes,you've got acrylic brushes.You've got watercolor brushes.Yes.I'm assuming.Yes,we have all of those.So,in each of those different categories,um,can you kind of tell us what the best seller is?What people seem to gravitate

Courtney: 15:45

to?The,uh,golden taklon brushes are our best selling brushes.They work with all media.Uh,I think they're just very familiar looking to most people because you will see,you know,that that orange hair in the,you know,arts and craft stores,um,it is the.The least expensive line that we offer as well.It works with all media.It's just,um,it's just an awesome brush.Like everybody always just goes back to the golden taklon and then they start there and then they kind of start expanding out and,you know,trying different brushes to see what might fit into their arsenal that they have.

Jeff: 16:19

So tell us a little bit about your watercolor brushes,because I know that watercolor artists are awfully particular Yes.About how much water that it'll hold.Does it keep its edge?Mm-hmm.You know,can,can you run a long line?Just tell us a little bit about that.Definitely.

Courtney: 16:36

So we currently do not offer any natural hair watercolor brushes.Okay.Uh,Kalinsky hair has gotten.Crazy expensive and almost impossible to get into the country.So exactly.Everything that we offer is synthetic.Now,the only natural hairbrush we offer anymore is our hog bristle for oil,but synthetic is the way that everything seems to be going.There are other companies that do the natural,so people you know,wanna spend that kind of money and get it.They're.They're still out there.But for us,our demographic is very involved with the synthetic and going,you know,animal free,that kind of stuff.So we offer,uh,the Golden Talon works great with watercolor.We have the protege brushes,which are shaped like a natural kalinsky stable brush.They have the belly with the point on it.The belly is not as cool as a natural hairbrush would be.It's very,they haven't mastered synthetics yet to get them to have that,you know,all the characteristics of a natural hairbrush,but it still does have a tiny bit of a belly in that point.Um,people go crazy for those brushes because they're.Very inexpensive compared to,you know,what is currently out there in the natural hairline.Yeah.Uh,and then we have the Protege Plus,which is a new filament that is on the market that does more closely mimic a natural hair.It's not made from line on.They won't,they won't even really tell us what it's made from because it's so secretive right now.But it does perform way more like a natural hair kalinsky brush.So those are out there.And then we offer our synthetic squirrel,which is our Onyx brush line,and it has all the shapes that you can think of that any,any watercolors of wine.And that would probably be the one that holds the most,you know,water.But it,um,it's doesn't have a snap that's more of the flimsy,flimsy brush.So if you're looking for the snap,it would be the protege.

Jeff: 18:23

A lot of our audience are,um,beginners and might not understand the term snap.Yes.What is,what does that mean as it relates to a

Courtney: 18:34

water board?That's gonna be fun to try to,uh,explain.You can say thank you

Jeff: 18:39


Courtney: 18:40

I know,right?Can you show up a video?It just means the,uh,the brush bouncing back to the.The point that it's in.So if you were to take your finger and push the fent back and let go,it would pop back up into the shape that it should stay in.So that is,that is snap with a,a non express,the synthetic squirrel,if you bend the hair back,it's gonna stay like that.It's not going to pop back into shape.

Jeff: 19:04

Yeah.You,you know,technology has really come a long way and the days of having to use just,uh,natural fibers are,are,are really kind of,They,they're kind of going away.Mm-hmm.Because technology is getting so good.Yes.It's almost hard to tell the difference,isn't

Courtney: 19:25

it?Yes.Oh yeah.And we have people that swear by synthetic over natural hair.They're like,this is way better than the natural hair version.It's cheaper.I would never go back.So it's just getting used to it as well.If you were,you know,starting out on natural hairbrushes,I'm sure doing the transition would be hard.But if you start out painting and use synthetics,You'll be fine.

Jeff: 19:46

For those of you out there that are,that are painting,uh,my suggestion is just try it.Yeah.Um,you're going to be really,really surprised.So you do,you do offer other things on,on your website.You said something about,uh,knives and shapers.Tell us a bit about that.

Courtney: 20:06

Yeah,so we have pellet knives.Uh,they're made in Italy and it's probably the same place where most companies are getting their pellet knives.But we just,we wanna offer more than just brushes,like any kind of tool that you need to lay down paint.So we have pellet knives,and then the paint shapers are,um,sometimes referred to as rubber brushes.Yeah.And they,they have just a handle with a rubber tip on'em.They're kind of flexible and they're good for.You know,laying down thick layers of paint,or you can even use'em if the paint's still wept to,you know,scrape the paint off,clean it up,just make really cool effects with it.Uh,so we have those in a one inch,a one and a half inch and a two inch.And then we have a wipe out tool that we just came out with.And those are also,you know,available on the market,but we wanted our own version of it.And,uh,we have a really cool video on our website that shows how Julie Beck uses it.And people have just been going crazy because they're like,I've always known what this tool was.I just never knew what it was.For,so we're trying to add more informational videos to our website so people do understand how each tool that we offer is utilized.

Jeff: 21:07

So I,I,I'm,I'm assuming that when we say a wipe out tool,it's almost like you,you use,it's a negative space where you put the paint down and you could take the wipe out,wipe,wipe out tool and,and make,uh,twigs and,and grasses and shapes and stuff like that.Is that,is that

Courtney: 21:25

right?Definitely.And some artists use it to,you know,engrave their names and their paintings at the end.Oh yeah.Instead of using paint,they just carve it out with the wipe out tool instead.It's,um,it's a pretty cool,a pretty cool thing to have in your,in your art supply studio.It's very versatile.

Jeff: 21:40

No kidding.When my,my business partner and I,Dave had,uh,we,we owned the brush guys for many,many years.Um,that was one of our most popular selling items was the Wipeout tool.It just mm-hmm.It really surprised us.Yeah.

Courtney: 21:53

People love it.And I,I guess it started out as something that they use for pottery,so it's kind of,yeah,it's,it's cool that,I mean,that's what I love about artists.They will find a way to use anything that they can in their paintings,and it always is awesome.

Jeff: 22:07

That's why it's so much fun to be around artists.Mm-hmm.Is they,they're so imaginative.Um,and there are so many things that you can do in art.Mm-hmm.Uh,sometimes just making a mistake turns into a trend.Yes.You

Courtney: 22:24

know?Exactly.Yeah.It,it really does.So they're,they're really,um,inspiring to be around because they just look at something and they're like,oh,I could,you know,do this with that tool.And it gives us ideas that,things that we can do here in-house.

Jeff: 22:38

Yeah,when I,you mentioned just a second ago videos,so do you have videos and blog posts and those kinds of things on your website?Most of our,yeah,

Courtney: 22:49

most of our videos would be in the product.Uh,when you scroll down to the thumbnails of the images of the product,there'll be a video in there that explains,you know,how to use that.Uh,we do have videos on our YouTube channel.Uh,but yeah,we're mostly just trying to do like quick informational videos on the products.Uh,there are some throughout our blogs that they can find.It depends on the blog,if there's video in there or not,but there is information on our website.

Jeff: 23:14

And you guys are located here in Southern California,right?Correct.We are in the desert.Uh,In the desert?Yes.Yeah.I,I,I saw your name and if I,if I said Hisperia,nobody out there is going to know where Hisperia is.No,I actually do.

Courtney: 23:31

Yeah.There's,there's a few people that know where it's at.We always have to explain.It's halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.Yes.You know,you pass it,you know,you come up that big hill,go into Vegas and they're like,oh yeah,I know what you're talking about.The in and outs right there.And it's like,yes,that's,that's us.So yeah,we're right here in California.We're lucky enough to be within the days,you know,driving distance to la We're all,we know if that's where a ton of the artists are,that we work with.So we can just drive down there for the day,hang out with them,network,visit them in their studios,and take a drive back to where we are in Hesperia and,and not have all the,the traffic to deal with.

Jeff: 24:06

So when our audience,uh,is looking to purchase your,your brushes or your,your wooden panels,uh,do they go directly with you guys?Do they go through retailers?H how do they go about buying?Trickle products,we

Courtney: 24:23

definitely,uh,want to encourage them to buy through a retailer if they have a local one near them.We are only in18stores right now,but our goal is to expand more into the mom and pop,uh,art supply chains.Um,I really respect what they do.Uh,it's gotta be hard right now with all the competition,with,you know,people who do buy online and Amazon.Yeah.But I think that there's something really important and special about the mom-and-pop shops out there,and I wanna see them thrive and stay open.So I really encourage people to support local and go to those stores.Um,if they can't get it through their local store,they can check their local store or their,uh,if they don't have a local store,they could check,you know,uh,some our suppliers,uh,websites because they also do ship direct,but if,you know,they can't find it,it's easiest to come to our website.We will be more than happy to take their order.

Jeff: 25:12

And I would think that if Trekell is a brush product that,that you want to continue buying and your local,uh,brick and mortar stores don't have it,you could go in and request that they stock the product and.Get a hold of you all to see if they can't get the product into that particular store,right?

Courtney: 25:34

Yes,definitely.That's usually how we end up in these retail stores is because an artist went in and requested,you know,for our product to be there.So that is what's going to help we,you know,we'll continue to go to NAMTA and network that way.There still are people who aren't familiar with our brand.So we do,we do plan on getting out there more,but it,you know,it does help when there is an artist that can say,Hey,I use this stuff.I love it.Please get it in your store.And we're willing to work with the,the smaller stores,like we know how much it costs to take on a full display of brushes.Yeah.Like,we'll work with them and,and help get anything that we can in their store.

Jeff: 26:08

Well,this is a young,this is a vibrant,this is a very creative company.And when you go and look at their website and look at the artists that they've associated themselves with,um,gosh,there must have been15or16artists on your,on your website,I would think.Right.

Courtney: 26:29

Yeah.I'm trying to remember how many we have this year.We might be19.Wow.Yeah.Wow.Yeah,and it's very,very hard to work with all of them,but we try

Jeff: 26:40

art artists a lot.Artists are,uh,very particular about what they like,but my goodness,it's,it's so refreshing.Yes,to be around artists,

Courtney: 26:51

isn't it?Oh yeah.I love it.We love everything about it.We have one of our pro team artists is coming into California at the beginning of June,so we're trying to get everyone together so we can all just hang out,talk network.We did it back at the beginning of the year.All the pro artists got together and.They were like,it was so good to just be around other artists and talk about our struggles that we're having,having and,uh,you know,coming up with ideas and just networking.So we do really do,try to keep it,you know,let's all be friends.It doesn't have to always be business.Let's hang out.No.And just have fun.So it,it really is like a,a family with them.Like they are awesome.

Jeff: 27:24

They are.So give our audience your,uh,website.Again.

Courtney: 27:28


Jeff: 27:34

courtney,I can't thank you enough for joining us today.Um,y y you and,and your company are so refreshing,um,and this is a place that our audience really needs to check out.Thank you again.And oh,by the way,as you bring out new products,we would love to have you come back on and tell our audience about it.Would,would that be okay?Oh,we

Courtney: 27:59

would love to do that.We would love to keep everybody up to date with what's going on with us.

Jeff: 28:04

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